Experienced Bond Professionals

What Do We Do?

We design high quality, tax-advantaged municipal bond portfolios aimed at wealth preservation and tax-advantaged income.

How Do We Do It?

We utilize computer aided execution to tailor custom portfolios to meet your needs.

Who Do We Work With?

Las Olas Wealth Management works with financial professionals and high net-worth individuals.

Customized Portfolios


For Professionals

Las Olas Wealth Management is dedicated to helping high net-worth individuals access the relative stability, and tax advantaged income that municipal bonds can provide.  We apply our years of market experience and custom strategies to build unique portfolios aimed at meeting each client’s needs.  

Las Olas Wealth Management

For Individuals

Las Olas Wealth Management works side by side with financial professionals of all sizes.  We actively maintain a diverse inventory of national municipal bonds.  Whether we are building a custom portfolio based on a strategy we recommend, or helping you implement your own strategy, put us to work sourcing the bonds needed to fit your specific needs.

Trusted Strategies

Kicker Bonds

Las Olas Wealth Management utilizes kicker bonds to help reduce a client’s interest rate risk exposure.

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Bond Ladder

Building a Laddered municipal bond portfolio allows us reduces interest rate risk and credit risk.

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The Barbell portfolio is a great way to balance flexibility and performance.

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Infrastructure and essential services
financed through tax advantaged municipal bonds.

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