What is a Kicker Bond?

“The general strategy is simple; invest your funds in high quality bonds, which are callable in the short term, and have a relatively short final maturity (approx. fifteen years or less). These bonds are purchased with a yield to the first call, typically better than prevailing money market rates. Ultimately the objective is to hold on to the bonds past the first call and have the yield kick-up to a larger yield after each successive call date and finally to maturity.”

(source: http://kickerbond.com/index.php/2017/03/15/kicker-bonds-your-tool-to-fight-rising-interest-rates/ )

Dean Myerow
Dean Myerow is a municipal bond market asset manager and along with partner, Sean Vesey the team structures institutional and high net worth investor portfolios at Las Olas Wealth Management of NatAlliance Securities LLC.

For 20 years Dean Myerow has been a professional in the field of municipal bonds. He has earned degrees from the University of Massachusetts School of Business and the University of Miami School of Law.

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